The garage is more than a space to store a car, and it can easily become a more usable space with a refined look. ModuTile designed a distinct, full range of Garage Floor Tiles that can make a dull, boring garage appear bright and refined. Our interlocking garage flooring options are equipped to serve homeowners with not only a variety of stylistic preferences but also a variety of materials to meet your project needs.

ModuTile specializes in easy-to-install garage floor coverings that consist of interlocking garage tiles made from either high-impact polymer or flexible PVC. Our best selling tiles (made of high-impact polymer), come in nine different colors with three different patterns. Both high-impact polymer and flexible PVC tiles can withstand the weight of any type of car, truck or SUV. Because the interlocking tiles use a unique loop to peg joining system, the tiles will not separate under the pressure of a turning car wheel. The products listed below are suitable for residential garage floors.

Garage Floor Quick Start Guide

Please be sure to order your interlocking floor tile samples before placing your order. Monitor colors vary dramatically by brand and lighting environment you’re in. For this reason, we cannot honor our satisfaction guarantee on colors for those who did not previously order color samples.

Visit our garage floor gallery page to see the different designs and layouts.

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With ModuTile’s interlocking garage floor tiles, it could not be easier to make your garage look like a model home garage. These garage tiles interlocking using a loop-to-peg locking system. A typical 2-car garage can be installed in just a few hours.

ModuTile seen on TV - Garage Flooring

Plastic Garage Floor Tiles

Coin Top, Diamond Top and Perforated polypropylene plastic garage floor tiles are our best-selling floor tiles. Not all plastic tiles are the same. ModuTile garage floor tiles are made from a high-impact polypropylene plastic material that is lightweight and strong enough to support heavy rollover loads. They come in a variety of colors and can interlock together to create a unique, custom sized floating floor.

Coin Top Garage Floor Tiles - Black - ModuTile

Coin Top Garage Floor Tiles

Coin Top Garage Floor Tiles

Top garage flooring

Diamond Top Interlocking Floor Tiles - Gray - ModuTile

Diamond Garage Floor Tiles

Diamond Top Garage Flooring

Top garage flooring

Perforated Modula Floor Tile - Green - T2US50

Water Flow Garage Floor Tiles

Perforated Top Garage Flooring

Top garage flooring

ModuTile Garage Floor Tile Design

Tough material + Smart design = Heavy load capacity and air circulation for your Garage Floor

  • Made from High-Impact Polypropylene material strong enough to support vehicles weighing up to 40,000 pounds
  • The grid structure creates a floating floor with an air gap between the underlying concrete and the top surface of the tile to allow moisture to escape from underneath the tiles
  • Locking System easily connects the tiles together and keeps them together
  • DIY Installation, no special tools or chemicals are required
  • Low maintenance tiles are easy to clean and stain-resistant
  • Made in USA

Modular Interlocking Garage Floor System

  • The tiles interlock with a loop to peg system; two sides have loops and two sides have pegs.
  • Coin-top, Diamond-top, Perforated tiles, and Ramp Edging are all compatible with each other
  • Looping mechanism allows room for expansion once they are interlocked together.
  • Modular interlocking system is specifically designed not to buckle.
Perforated Interlocking Floor
ModuTile Garage Floor BeforeModuTile Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles Checkered After

ModuTile Before/After Garage Floor Pictures

Visit our garage floor picture gallery for more ideas and examples. The tiles interlock easily to cover your ugly old concrete garage floor. Although it is hard to see, the image shows a garage floor installation using the Coin Top Interlocking Garage Floor Tile.

ModuTile PVC Garage Floor Tile - Black

Flexible PVC Garage Floor Tile

Interlocking PVC Garage Tile

Top garage flooring

Flexible PVC Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

  • Made from Flexible polyvinyl-chloride, also referred to as synthetic rubber, is a special type of PVC that is made to be flexible, yet profoundly strong.
  • Since the tiles are flexible, they should be used on a rigid surface.
  • Solid construction – there is no grid structure below the surface.
  • Anti-fatigue surface with acoustic insulation quality.
  • Feature a textured, slip-resistant surface.
  • Ideal for garages that have been converted to a gym, game room, or workshop.
  • Made in USA

Plastic Garage Floor Tiles and Flexible PVC Garage Tiles are the two commonly available types of residential garage floor tiles found in the USA market. When it comes to residential garage flooring, both types of tiles have excellent performance and can handle the weight and traffic from a typical residential garage. Click the button below to learn the about differences.

Garage Floor Tile Edging

  • Interlocking ramp edges and corners to attach to 12×12-inch garage floor tiles and 18×18-inch Flexible PVC garage tiles.
  • Garage edging provide a transition for driving onto the flooring from your driveway.
  • The edges and corners are available with or without loops.
  • Ramp edges with loops are recommended when installation begins at the garage door opening.
  • Ramp edges with and without loops plus four corners can be used to create a garage floor mat.
Ramp Edging for Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles
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ModuTile Garage Floor Tiles are Proudly Made in the USA

Interlocking Floor Tiles - moduTile - long logo Visit our garage product section to choose from various colors and designs.

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ModuTile Garage Floor Tile Reviews

ModuTile products have been proudly made in USA since 2011. We love hearing back from our valued clients and sharing their feedback with prospective customers. Here are some authentic reviews from happy customers. They continuously amaze us with their creativity and their practical uses of our tiles to solve their flooring issues.