Looking for a unique way to make your company stand out at the next trade show, event, or convention? If so, you should consider ModuTile’s Trade Show Floor Tiles. Our graphic event floor products allow you to display your brand or company logo right on the floor for everyone to see.

At ModuTile, we realize that trade shows can be very effective, but also costly. We know that you want to stand out from the competition and make your company look more professional and capable. ModuTile event floor tiles are the perfect solution to complete an attractive and unique trade show display for your business. With our modular interlocking floor tile systems, you can create attractive color combinations and floor layout designs. You can also order your own Logo or graphic artwork on the floor.

The same trade show tiles can be used as a showroom display floor. Our interlocking floors are affordable, branded do-it-yourself flooring kits! Please note that while most colors and designs are readily available, custom orders may take additional time. If you need further assistance with your trade show floor graphics or design, please feel free to contact us.

Event Floor Quick Start Guide

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With ModuTile’s interlocking trade show floor tiles, it could not be easier to make your event booth look upscale. These trade show tiles interlocking using a loop-to-peg locking system. A typical 10 by 10 trade show booth can be installed in just 15 – 20 minutes. All you need to do is align and interlock the tiles together using your hand or small mallet.

ModuTile Made in USA Trade Show Flooring

Event Floor & Trade Show Floor Tiles

Until recently, only large companies with very large budgets could afford to place graphics on the floor. In fact, they spend tens of thousands of dollars to professional trade show specialists for designing their booths. Many of them add their company logos on the floor to increase brand recognition to the thousands of visitors that walk the halls of the convention or expo. We designed a trade show floor that allows you to look like a large corporation without breaking your budget. In fact, over time, you could save thousands of dollars. ModuTile’s portable flooring tiles are made out of durable high-impact polypropylene interlocking floor tiles. This means that you can quickly and easily break the floor down and put the tiles into small boxes for transferring back and forth from your office to any and all trade shows. They are durable enough to be used year after year.

Portable Interlocking Trade Show Floor Tiles

  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Various slip resistant textures
  • Portable and reusable
  • Their rigid structure makes them strong and durable
  • Ramp Edges Available to create a mat of any size
  • Proudly made in the USA