Perforated Garage Floor Tiles -Drain – 12 x 12 in

Perforated Garage Floor Tiles -Drain – 12 x 12 in

$1.98$2.59 sq. ft.

(28 customer reviews)

Drain Garage Floor Tiles (aka: perforated tiles) are specially made for your garage floor. They are ideal for areas that will get wet often.

  • 12 x 12 x 1/2 inch
  • Perforated Grid Structure (mesh/drain)
  • Lightweight and Strong
  • Slip Resistant Top Surface
  • Rigid High-Impact Polymer Material
  • Made in USA
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These Perforated Garage Floor Tiles (aka Drain Tiles) are specially made for your garage flooring. They are designed for maximum water drainage. This is needed in cases where you garage floor gets wet often, or in northern states, where you often pull into the garage with snow on the car. They can be cleaned using a shop vacuum. They are made out of high-impact polypropylene. This is a material that is light-weight but strong enough to withstand heavy vehicles such as Suburbans or Two-Ton Trucks. They are designed to interlock with our other ModuTile 1/2 inch perforated modular garage floor tiles.

Perforated Garage Floor Tiles Features:

  • Water Flow Drain Design
  • Lightweight and Strong
  • Stain Resistant
  • Slip Resistant Top Surface
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Portable (take them when you move)
  • Rigid Structure
  • High-Impact Polymer Material
  • Designed for Garage Floors
  • Made in the USA
ModuTile Drain Perforated Garage Floor Tile

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Slip Resistant Top Surface

The Perforated (Drain) surface pattern in addition to our textured surface is designed to provide an additional level of safety when walking on them. Please click on the image to the right to view a close-up of the drain garage floor tile.

Rigid Strong Material

These perforated tiles are made from a high-impact polymer material that is lightweight and strong enough to support heavy rollover loads. Also, the high-impact polymer is difficult to stain. Materials just do not bond well to them, so the tiles are quite resistant to stains.


Our specially formulated high-impact polymer is rigid (hard). When the floor tiles are interlocked together to form a floor, the result is a robust and solid surface that is strong enough to vehicular traffic. This rigidity is what allows the tiles to be built with a grid underneath for air and water circulation. One added benefit is that if the concrete in the garage has cracks or imperfections, the floor that is formed on top after the tiles are installed looks perfectly even. In other words, it effectively covers an ugly and imperfect garage floor.

Perforated Garage Tile Structure

The perforated garage floor tiles have a mesh or drain top surface and a grid structure underneath. This structure makes an air gap between the concrete and the top surface of the tile. The most significant benefit of the grid structure is that it allows moisture to escape from underneath. It also provides an air gap separation between the concrete underneath and the top surface.

Garage Floor Tile Installation

For ease of installation, the four loop-to-peg interlocking system snaps together without the need for tools. Two sides of the tiles have loops and the other two sides have pegs. They interlock like puzzle pieces to form any size garage floor. When installing a large area, you may consider using a small rubber mallet and knee pads. Please download our garage floor tiles installation guide for a more detailed explanation.

Load Capacity

Our Perforated (Drain) interlocking floor tiles are designed for residential garages. The tiles can easily support the heavy load of large vehicles such as SUVs or large trucks. They will also support tool chests, garage cabinets, refrigerators, pool tables and much more. Please note that pinpoint weights may damage the tiles. They do not usually break, it but such pressure may cause discoloration. When using a jack or other sharp heavy objects, we recommend the use of plywood or another protective flat rigid surface above the tiles. For permanent vehicle lifts, we cut the tile around the lift.

Stain Resistant

The perforated garage floor tiles are resistant to grease, hydraulic fluids, salt, and oil. We have found that acids will damage the surface of the tile. One typical example is battery acids from golf carts. When creating a golf cart parking area, we recommend placing a protective mat directly below the battery.

Other Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

Install your next garage floor project quickly and effortlessly with our Perforated Garage Floor Tiles. Buy them today! Just add them to the cart and proceed to the checkout page. Follow the link to learn more about ModuTile Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 713-663-6060 message us via our Contact Us page.  In addition, we manufacture an outdoor version for use as interlocking patio flooring. The patio version will also support vehicles but contains maximum UV additive for outdoor use.

Additional information

Weight0.66 lbs

Gray, Black, White, Beige, Brown, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow


12" x 12" x 1/2"


1 sq. ft. per tile


Rigid – High-Impact Polypropylene

Special Features

High Load Capacity, UV Stable, Vehicular-Traffic, Water Flow

Surface Pattern

Mesh – Perforated w/ Anti-Slip Resistance

Installation Type

Loop-to-peg Interlocking System, Floating Floor – Glue NOT required

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28 reviews for Perforated Garage Floor Tiles -Drain – 12 x 12 in


    Love the tile and so does everyone who sees it. Great quality any easy install. Just orderd a bit to much, no big deal. Thanks!


  2. Marty K.

    good product. istalled easily
    Ordered more to finish the job!

  3. excellent

    easy installation. used on garage floor. looks great

  4. robert_deposada

    Great product at a great price and quick delivery

  5. cneal10127

    Great, error-free transaction.

  6. hunterm31

    Had to purchase more to finish a basement but shipment arrived within 4 days! Product is very durable and easy to install. Used a jigsaw to cut edges. Would definitely recommend

  7. Ace

    Great item

  8. cottontop

    looks great but haven’t used it yet.

  9. Nice and sturdy….. By R.B

    Fits together easily and secures nicely to other pieces. Provides an attractive appearance and can be vacuumed to pull out stuff that falls into cracks.

  10. Great Tiles, Great Customer Service! By CORSA

    GREAT TILES! These tiles are a great product. They make any area look
    fantastic. Easy to install. More colors
    and style selection would be nice.
    Seller/Customer Service was a good experience. Their telephone number
    is listed on the item site. Contacted them twice and a customer service person answered right away. Answered my questions about shipping in which I decided to make
    the purchase. I have related this to friends Hopefully they will make
    a purchase from them. Lastly it would me a good idea to sell less than the 30 pack. I was 2 tiles short on my project. A selection of 10 tiles would be great for shortages and any future replacement needs.

  11. Perfect for the purpose. By WiziWig

    The tiles came very quickly and was very easy to install. If you have an area that is slightly smaller than the tiles make sure you have a power saw. That does the job real good.

  12. I love it By Ocational Reviewer

    So far I like it. Waiting to see how it will survive the winter.

    Update: Looked good in spring. Upgrading review to 5 stars.

  13. awesome Brandan

    I set up my 2 car garage over 12 years ago. Well, then I moved. New house had a 3 car garage so I needed new tile. I ordered the tile and it came. Looks pretty good. The grey and red were a little different on the shade but it wasn’t that far off. I am completely satisfied with this product. I have done the research and this is the most cost effective tile on the market compared to other tile. When you walk on it there is a little “noise” but you get used to it. Still moving stuff around the garage to get settled in new house. It looks pretty good. It supports cars with no problem. Note, do not try and use a jack on the tile. If you must, put a piece of wood under Jack and you can use a jack on it. Very easy to install too. I used a rubber mallet to snap em in place because I had so many tiles.

  14. Fabulous Look Dhop95

    Easy install. My garage looks great. So pleased.

  15. Great Product , Lucas

    Thank you, good product, all my tiles boxes arrived earlier than expected.

  16. Wow what a great product and company you operate. Robert J.

    I ordered 347 squares of your black interlocking perforated floor tiles on 8/28/13 I initially thought it would take 6-10 business days for the shipment to arrive, but to my surprise it arrived at noon on 8/30 amazing and the shipping was free.

    Now for the product itself, I.e., absolutely amazing how simple it is to install. These tiles are replacing outdoor carpet I had on a bottom area (cement) below our upper deck which the carpet only lasted a couple of years (mold and fading) do to lack of direct sunlight and rain and the humid conditions we get here in Georgia. The tiles look awesome and again a piece of cake to install.

    I can only thank you very much for your great product… Each and everyone at ModuTile should be congratulated on your organizations achievement… I.e., from the ease of use web site for ordering, the rapid shipping area along with the perfect fulfillment of my order, the quality of the product, etc., etc., Bottom line, One outstanding U.S. based company!

    San Antonio, Texas, 78247

  17. ModuTile difference by Joseph

    I placed this order on Monday afternoon and made a mistake on the color. They took care of it immediately, my tiles were shipped on Tuesday and I received them today, Wednesday.

    Excellent service! I will highly recommend ModuTile to my friends.


  18. Amazing!!! Review by Pdean

    The tiles were well received and the floor came out amazing!!! Thank you!!


  19. I have been very pleased with the tiles. Review by Detailedcreationsmpls

    As a automotive detailer, I am frequently working on a wet floor after washing a car. I don’t rush, but I do hustle and a wet floor can be treacherous when you are focussed on the vehicle. I was interested in a flooring option that would minimize the risk of a slip/fall and also let me work in a dry environment while attending to the lowest portions of a vehicle. I did a lot of research before purchasing the draintiles. I found that many similar products would still be slippery when wet based on other user’s experience. I believe this is due to the smooth tops of the tiles. One unique feature with modutile is small ‘nubs’ perpendicular to the main slats. These nubs contribute to better traction and was the primary reason I chose modutile over other brands.

    The tiles were very easy to install with a rubber mallet. The tiles cut very easily with a table saw and fine toothed blade. I was able to install 500 square feet in approximately 3 hours, including moving all the equipment in my work space and making all the cuts for walls and corners.

    After working on them for a while, I am very pleased with their performance. Water flows through easily and I have a relatively dry working surface. I have not experience any issues with loss of traction when my shoes are wet. They stay clean for quite a while and clean up very easily. I have not had any issues with them crushing under ramps. I am aware that floor jacks and jackstands can damage them, but removing a few tiles prior to any wheels-off details takes only minutes.

    Overall, I am very pleased with my choice of tiles and will continue to recommend them.

    Bob Krussow, Owner
    MT – 9265 – Shoreview, Minnesota, 55126

  20. Ease of Installation – Lemuel Stolz

    Just got the shipment yesterday and installed the tile in the garage today. It took around 5 hours to tile a 12 x 22 garage. It was really easy and made the garage look great! Thanks so much for the help online and for a great product. So pleased with the product and ease of installation.

    Ottumwa, Iowa, 52501

  21. Garage Flooring with Perforated Tiles, Dan H.

    I recently completed two projects using ModuTile products. The first was a Golf cart parking mat using black coin top tiles and this past week installing perforated black and grey tiles in the main garage. I must say the product is as good as advertised and quite easy to install. The perforated tiles really transform the garage into a showroom. My old floor was stained and still in pretty good shape, but I got tired of re-doing it every few years and cleaning. Putting in ModuTiles really made a big difference, and all the neighbors just say wow.

    I will be recommending your product to everyone. Thanks for the great product, service and fast shipping.

    Dan H.

  22. Better quality Review by Will

    The flooring looks great! I have used race deck in the past but liked the style and price of your tile better…it was shipped quick to us. very easy to install and cut. It definitely makes a huge improvement in the garage!

    Thanks again!


  23. They were very easy to install. Patricia T.- Lancaster, PA

    They look great and were easy to install. From the color to the style, I love everything about my new garage floor.

  24. Great Product. Jeffrey S.

    I used 6 cases of beige and very happy with quality of this product. Already Recommended family and friends.

  25. Better product, same prep time, Bowie S.

    I just finished installing my new garage floor with Perforated Garage Floor Tiles ( 630 sq ft in 4 hrs completing the job.)

    I picked Modutile over RaceDeck and Swisstrax Floor tiles versions since Modutile manufacture these tiles as good as them and much much cheaper with same or better quality.

  26. Price is right Review by Alex S.

    This product is very easy to install and easy to cut. The price was right and the amount of product supplied was sufficient.My two car garage took couple hours.I found this product to perform completely great and i would definitely recommend anyone to use this product.

  27. Nicer than concrete – Douglas

    Will send you a picture when I get it all finished, not anything unusual but it sure looks a lot nicer than concrete, and easy to install.

  28. Our Deck looks great ! Review by Southern Lady

    We purchased so many of beige colors after seeing our next door neighbors deck. i can recommend this product to anyone. great price,great service and most important made in the US of A.

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