ModuTile was conceived many years ago when we needed a way to make the floor space of a warehouse look professional.  The solution had to be smart and long-lasting.  After becoming dissatisfied with temporary fixes over the years, such as epoxy paint coating that would eventually peel, we put our heads together to develop attractive, durable floor tiles that firmly interlock together. We named ourselves ModuTile. This was after four years of researching and trials and errors with our ugly warehouse floor and other products on the market.  In 2006, we knew that ModuTile was the best garage flooring solution and took a leap of faith to launch our website to make our debut.

It became evident that our garage flooring solution can be used in many exciting ways.  Our customers love to use them for basements, sports courts, decks and patios, and for trade shows.  We considered the qualities needed for durable flooring solutions all around the home, such as a damp basement, a home gym, a deck or patio that is exposed to sun, rain, snow, and hail, busy laundry room, etc. and went back to work to come up with some different types of tiles.  Now we have specially interlocking tiles designed for floor basement floors, outdoor flooring, and we can meet your flooring needs all around, inside and outside of your home.

The beauty of the ModuTile products is that they can endure spills, dirt, stains and heavy loads.  Our interlocking flooring is comprised of vibrant tiles that can be installed as a simple DIY project and look fantastic.  They are portable, easy to install, easy to clean, easy to disassemble, practical as well as strong.  You can drive your vehicles over the tiles and use them as flooring in your patio or deck too.  They are available in a variety of colors and designs and can be purchased in large or small quantities.

Moving our Interlocking Floor Tile Production to the USA

In 2011, we took another flying leap.  When we first developed our interlocking tiles, it was cost-effective to produce them in China.  However, we successfully transitioned production while maintaining the affordable prices that we offer our customers.  Moving production to the U.S. meant that we could more easily oversee the quality of the floor tiles. Other benefits included reducing production and transportation time.  It was worth the efforts to allow our customers to enjoy higher quality standards, faster shipping time, and more color options.  We are so happy to operate entirely here in the U.S. and take great pride when we can say our products are Made in the U.S.A.

What’s New?

We can now print graphics on the tiles to create a truly exciting and custom floor for your backyard basketball court, business trade show, or whatever you can imagine.  We are happy to answer your question and tell you more about our line of interlocking floor products.