Garage Tile Sample Request Form

Thank you for your interest in ModuTile.  We are happy to send you a sample ModuTile garage tile chip.  Please complete and submit the form below to send us your sample request.  The information you provide on the form will allow us to mail a sample chip to you at no charge.

Let us know about your garage flooring project:

Coin Top Garage TileDiamond Top Garage TilePerforated (Drain) Garage TileFlexible PVC Garage Tile (gray or black)Rubber Flooring (not drivable)Other

GrayBlackBeigeBrownBlueRedGreenOther (let us know below)

Standard – Vehicles regularly parked in garageMechanical Workshop (oil changes)Woodworking WorkshopOther (please explain below)

DryHumidConstant Water FlowSnowMuddyOther (please explain below)