Sport Basketball Court Floor, 30×25, Kit

Sport Basketball Court Floor, 30×25, Kit


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  • Outdoor Sport Basketball Court Flooring
  • Backboard Overhand Illustrated at 2 ft.
  • Painted Lines and Edges Included
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Distance from baseline to front of backboard. Main image illustrated at 2ft backboard overhang.
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The Sport Basketball Court Floor 30′ 6″ x 25′ 6″ (including edges and expansion) Outdoor Sport Basketball Court kit consists of white, custom painted high school standard court lines, perimeter edging and your choice of color combinations to fit your preference. This backyard basketball court is constructed using our tiles in however many colors you’re interested in.

Containing loops and pegs, each outdoor water-flow tile snaps together to create your entire floor. This DIY residential backyard basketball floor kit is easy to install, affordable and the ideal solution for you to obtain the basketball court you’ve always wanted.

  • Durable UV Stable Material
  • Traction Control
  • Mold resistant
  • Basketball Court Floor Lines
  • DIY Installation
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Easy to Clean
  • Proudly made in USA

Durable UV Stable Material

The Perforated tile used to create this basketball court is manufactured with high-impact polypropylene, making the product rigid, firm, and strong enough to support extreme weights without damaging the material. They are also UV stable made for direct sunlight exposure. The basketball court will cover the concrete evenly, despite any small imperfections.

The Outdoor Basketball Court Floor is intended to be installed over concrete or other hard surfaces. Other alternative bases are gravel pavers for basketball courts or asphalt. It is not advised to install this product over grass, mulch, or other soft surfaces.

Traction Control Sport Surface

This unique basketball court includes small, elevated features which enhance grip. Because of these special features, extra traction control is provided to prevent slipping while being active on top of the court.

Mold Resistant

The Outdoor Basketball Court’s perforated surface of the individual tiles used to create this product allows plenty of ventilation for humidity and moisture. Underneath each of these tiles, there also lies a grid structure that provides additional air and water flow. These attributes, along with the mold-resisting polypropylene material, were intentionally engineered to prevent microorganisms from developing on the tile.

Basketball Court Floor Lines

Our basketball court floor kits are painted based on high-school standards (custom painted by request). Please see images showing the floor court lines. Because the backboard is the main point of reference to where the lines end up, this basketball court floor kit may not be suitable for your particular slab. You may need additional tiles to accommodate the size of your concrete slab.

The most common issue when deciding how to lay out your floor has to do with the distance from the backboard to the baseline.  A standard court would have an additional 4-ft behind the backboard to the baseline. However, because most home basketball court floors do not have the room, this basketball court kit only has 2-ft from baseline to backboard.

An additional issue has to do with your baseline dimensions. If the baseline has an odd measurement (ex. 27-ft), please let us know if you would prefer the key to be smaller than standard (11-ft), or whether you prefer to reduce the baseline dimensions by one ft. (ex. 26-ft) to center the lines.

For small courts, most people will reduce the size of the key. For courts that are larger than 26-ft, leaving a gap at the end of the court is usually a better option. Of course, if we do not have a kit that accommodates the size of your basketball concrete slab, we can custom paint the lines for you.

DIY Floor Installation

This “Do It Yourself” floating basketball court floor does not require professional installation. One of the many benefits about the DIY Outdoor Basketball Court is that installation can be done with your own bare hands.

Because of the tile’s four Loop-to-Peg Interlocking System, the tiles snap together with a single downward push, very similar to piecing together a puzzle. With installation being so simple, disassembly is also a simple process. Visit our How to Install Backyard Basketball Court Tiles for a full detailed explanation.

TIP: Although not required, you may wish to use a small plastic mallet and knee pads to further ease the installation process.

Custom Basketball Floor Sizes Available

The above Sport Basketball Court Floor kits are created to measure 30.5 x 25.5 ft. (including edges & expansion), but options are not limited to just this one dimension. Start by reviewing our article on standard basketball half-court dimensions. You are welcome to contact us via email or telephone with your custom basketball court size.  We can create any custom size with a 3 to 5-day turnaround time.

For custom court request, we will need the following information from you.

  1. Overall dimensions of the concrete slab.
  2. Distance from baseline to the backboard.
  3. Preference on odd baseline issue solution: Key to 11-ft or reduced baseline dimension?

Please note that the distance from the free throw line is 15-ft from the backboard and the three-point line is 21-ft from the backboard. By request, we can accommodate the lines to fit your concrete slab dimensions and needs. If your concrete slab is large enough, we can also paint the lines based on Mens College NCAA Basketball Court Dimensions.

Easy to Clean

The netted/mesh surface of the court leaves small holes for liquid spills to drain down to the base floor and then through the grid structure underneath, making liquids hardly an issue to clean. However, if sticky debris remains on the tile, it is advised to rinse off your court.

Unlike an indoor basketball court, the web-like design of the Outdoor Basketball Court Flooring generally requires only one simple type of cleaning method: hosing it down. Clean regularly for the best appearance. Routine cleaning will enhance the life of the flooring.


All plastic objects will fade over time but to prolong the color you may do the steps mentioned below.

  1. Use water and mild soap with a broom to clean off all dirt and debris that is stuck on the tile.
  2. Rinse the court by water hosing it down.
  3. Allow the court to dry off completely.
  4. (Optional): Repeat steps 1-3 until the court is properly clean.
  5. In a spray bottle add a Clear Protecting Conditioner

We recommend this to be done every year or so.

Other Backyard Basketball Court Kits

We offer five popular backyard basketball court kits. Buy them today! Just add them to the cart and proceed to the checkout page. Each kit includes the basketball painted lines and trim edging for a finished look.

For a custom size basketball courts fill out our inquiry form, and we will gladly assist you. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 713-663-6060 message us via our Contact Us page.

Additional information



Kit Floor Size

30' 5" x 25' 5" (not including 1-inch expansion)

Surface Pattern

Mesh – Perforated w/ Anti-Slip Resistance

Special Features

Indoor, Outdoor, Modular Locking System, UV Stable, Water Flow


Rigid – High-Impact Polypropylene

Product Category

Basketball Courts, All Sport Flooring

Installation Type

DIY (Do-it-yourself), Loop-to-peg Interlocking System, Floating Floor – Glue NOT required, May Require Anchoring



15 reviews for Sport Basketball Court Floor, 30×25, Kit

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    From pre order to after installation more than helpful and impressed with customer service. Product is top notch and install was pretty easy. Highly recommend !

  2. Nathan H. – Scottsdale, AZ 85262

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  3. E. Torres

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    Torres Outdoor Basketball Court

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    I’m very happy of how it turned out.
    Thank you,
    P.s. It would be great if you can offer team logos and more color options.

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    Thanks for all your help :)

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    We love the way it turned out!
    The install was easy, especially the way the boxes are so clearly marked.
    Thanks for all your help!


  8. the best customer service, Horace

    This has truly been one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. The process was very smooth and shipping was extremely quick. My family and friends love the court and the tiles drastically change the look of your basketball court. It was worth every penny. Two thumbs up and 5 stars for Modutile!


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    Court completed, loved it.


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    We love the way it turned out!
    The install was easy, especially the way the boxes are so clearly marked.
    Thanks for all your help!

  12. So Happy Review by Maher Fakih

    I am so happy with the results of my basketball court it came out amaaaaaazing i love it !

  13. Reviewed Elliot M.

    Boxes arrived safe and were easy to handle. The entire process took a few short evening hours for two adults and a couple of kids. One the layout and orientation of the tiles is figured out then the process is pretty much the same for all tiles and is easy to follow since the boxes are packed in order of placement. I would suggest the use of a rubber mallet and gloves.


  14. Reviewed by MaryJo B.

    ModuTile is the way to go! Easy installation, great customer service and quality materials! My Husband installed a 23×36 sport court in a few hours.


  15. Installation – Las Vegas, NV 89183

    Installation was great pretty straight forward if u read the directions correctly lol … Again thanks for all your help.

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