Sandstone Interlocking Basement Tiles – 12″ x 12″

Sandstone Interlocking Basement Tiles – 12″ x 12″


(31 customer reviews)

Sandstone Interlocking Basement Floor Tiles. Easy basement flooring option that can be installed by a homeowner or handyman.

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The Vinyl Top Sandstone interlocking basement floor tiles offer the class and elegance that homeowners want for their basement.  The tile features a convenient loop-to-peg interlocking system making installation a quick and easy DIY flooring project.

These tiles provide a comfortable surface for walking. You may install these basement tiles over chipped or uneven concrete. They may also be installed over any flat surface, including carpet, vinyl or concrete. The robust polymer (plastic) base creates a thermal barrier while also allowing ventilation for humid basements. When the tiles are installed over a concrete surface that is sloped for drainage, the grid structure allows water to flow to the drain.

With a beautiful, light-colored natural stone appearance, the Sandstone is a beautiful basement floor solution.

Sandstone Interlocking Basement Tiles

  • Made for Basement Flooring
  • Easy to Assemble DIY Interlocking Flooring
  • Durable Vinyl Top and Polymer Base
  • Grid Structure Helps Prevent Mold
  • Thermal Barrier
  • Variety of Other Uses
  • Made in the USA

Easy to Assemble DIY Interlocking Flooring

Every Sandstone interlocking basement tile measure 12 x 12 – inch (1 square foot), which means that the entire square footage of the basement will be equivalent to the number of tiles needed to cover the area. These basement tiles are 1/2-inch thick.  If you need to cut the flooring to install it around any permanent structures such as columns, stairways, or walls, you will need to add about 6% to the square footage for the total number of tiles required.  These additional tiles will cover the waste amount that will be used. To accommodate the flooring for a custom size or shape, the interlocking vinyl tiles can be easily cut with a jigsaw (fine tooth blade).  You will need to leave at least ½-inch of space between the tiles and walls or permanent structures because the tiles expand and contract with temperature fluctuations.

Before installing, consider sweeping the base floor to remove dirt and debris. These lightweight vinyl top basement tiles snap together with a four loop-to-peg interlocking system. You can install them yourself with a single downward push; professional assistance and tools heavyweights. When the interlocking basement floor tiles are connected, they create a floating floor, which does not need to be glued or screwed down. You will notice small spaces between each tile to allow room for the tiles to expand and contract when the temperature varies. The space between the tiles also lets the air escape from beneath.

In addition to the easy installation, the flooring can also be taken apart easily in the event of flooding, leaking, or relocation.

Beveled Edging

All of the interlocking basement vinyl tiles have a pleasing appearance. The Sandstone features an edge-to-edge look.

Durable Vinyl Top & Polymer Base

Even though the Sandstone tile is designed to be appealing, it is also durable and long-lasting. Both the vinyl surface and polymer base contribute to the durability of the Sandstone interlocking vinyl top tiles. This tile is colorfast and resistant to fading and staining due to UV protection. The Sandstone interlocking basement tiles can handle normal foot traffic and support heavy weights from storage chests, pool tables, entertainment centers, and other furniture typically found in a residential basement. However, we suggest that pinpoint objects be placed over a mat or furniture sliders to distribute the weight. Furniture should not be dragged (slide) on this type of floor. It should be picked up and placed to the desired location. Easily clean these basement tiles using a Swiffer product, or water and mild soap.  With this in mind, we suggest that you do so regularly in order to maintain the life of the floor.

Grid Design

Underneath the Sandstone interlocking basement tiles lies a grid structure. This layout was specially designed to resist mold and mildew growth by allowing air circulation for the escape of moisture and humidity. Not only does this grid foundation offer ventilation, but the structure itself is made of high-impact polypropylene. This kind of plastic is known to be antimicrobial and repels microorganisms from developing on its material. Despite its mold-resisting properties, this basement tile is best used in climate-controlled basements.  When installed on concrete that is sloped toward a drain, any water will flow down beneath the tiles.  Additionally, be advised that a low, hollow sound may be observed when walking on the tiles.  This is caused by sound echoing through the grid structure.

Variety of Other Uses

The Sandstone interlocking tile has a neutral beige stone color giving an earth tone appearance. With its unique look, it may be used in trade shows, commercial displays, home offices, and much more.

Install your next basement floor project quickly and effortlessly.  Buy them today! Just add them to the cart and proceed to the checkout page. Feel free to browse ModuTile Basement Floor Tile page to view our other vinyl interlocking tiles suitable for an indoor flooring option. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 713-663-6060.

Additional information


Clay Sandstone, Mountain Sandstone, Sienna Sandstone


12" x 12" x 1/2"


1 sq. ft. per tile


VCT over Polymer

Installation Type

Loop-to-peg Interlocking System, Floating Floor – Glue NOT required

Special Features

Indoor, Modular Locking System, High Load Capacity

Surface Pattern


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31 reviews for Sandstone Interlocking Basement Tiles – 12″ x 12″

  1. Reviewed by D Johnson

    Our tile project is complete. They are perfect for our cabin. The tile snapped together quickly.

  2. Reviewed by Mandy A.

    It looks awesome and I’ve already referred you to a few others!

    Black Earth, Wisconsin

  3. Reviewed by Edward G.

    Hello! The tiles were installed by our general contractor who refinished part of our basement. Seemed to go smoothly, no complaints from them.

    They look great. I’ve attached two pictures looking in to the new playroom and back toward the stairs up out of the basement.


    (Somerville, Massachusetts)

  4. Reviwed by Mark D.

    I had a flooded basement room which had carpet and foam underlayment glued to a concrete floor. Because of the danger of future flooding, I installed modutiles. Also, the odd shape of the room meant working with smaller tiles was an advantage in installation. The project went great. In fact, we did have a minor flood (it was a really wet year) after installation. All we had to do was use fans and dehumidifier to dry things out. Very pleased.

  5. Review 7 years later by MLJ2ME

    Purchased these 7 years ago for a basement. Had a plumbing problem last year which required lifting and re-laying the floor. After cleanup everything went back down like it had 6 years earlier. Highly recommended and would buy again. Also like that the tile adhesive never hardens and allows the tile insert to be removed from the base if necessary.

  6. Cabin project review by Deb E

    Such a great project for an old cabin remodel. We had an uneven cement floor and researched options that would hold up to kids, dogs, and all that lake life has to offer. We wanted something aesthetically pleasing but water and freeze resistant, as well as easy to clean. I am so happy with modutile. It was easy to install (my 10 year old did the installation) and looks great. Such a difference from before to after. We will be placing it in our porch next.


  7. Little better info with my experience Review by Glenn B. – Acworth – GA 30102

    I was happy that the shipping was included with the price. Also, the order was delivered earlier than promised. Then when I went to install it, the product was easy to work with and the final product looks fantastic. I think modu-tile is the best choice for finishing a concrete basement floor because in the worst case scenario I might have to un-snap/remove the tiles if I had a flood, but that wouldn’t be possible with any other product.

  8. Absolute Love

    Absolutely love the new flooring. Diana

  9. Teriffic Product

    This was the perfect solution to a damp basement. We used a professional installer because of the number of cuts and corners. The floor went down easily and the end result is one of the nicest basement floors you can buy. Its durable, attractive, easy to maintain and most important insulates the floor enough to turn what was an unusable space into a nice room.

  10. Reviewed by Scott N.

    First, let me say that I LOVE my modutile floor, it has been a great investment so far. I attached pictures and where you see the modutile flooring it is actually sitting on top of a drab beige apartment carpet. I haven’t had any problems with it yet, it looks great, is much easier to clean than the carpet would have been, and I’ve even spilled some water on it and none made it through the cracks in the tile to the carpet below. Between the modutile and some other temporary upgrades I’ve made this apartment look substantially better and turned it into home. Thanks again, I’ve told everyone I know how much I’ve liked my new floor and recommended it wholeheartedly.


  11. Pleased with the Modutile project

    I could not be more pleased with the Modutile project. The shipment came a day ahead of schedule and the customer service was outstanding. I replaced a carpet and went over vinyl flooring in a hallway and laundry room. This is in the basement of my raised ranch on a concrete slab. The results are spectacular. The transitions between the rooms are seamless and ties the space together.


  12. Great flooring!

    I love these tiles! They shipped quick and were easy to install. My husband installed in about Four hours. I am very happy with our new basement floor. Great product!


  13. Excellent product easy to install

    After searching the internet and comparing products we selected ModuTile and contacted them who were very helpful and sent samples of their basement products at no cost which arrived within a few days. The selected tiles were shipped expeditiously and arrived on schedule. It took myself and my wife two days to install them in the 575 sq.ft. basement. The installation process was very easy however ensure that there are plenty of blades on hand for your jig saw to complete the trim work. We would certainly recommend this product to anybody. Thank you ModuTile for your excellent customer service and product.


  14. Man Cave Review by Tom

    I turned a 14 X 18 foot area of my basement into a Man Cave, and the Sandstone tile was the perfect floor finish. Like many basements, I have issues with the concrete sweating if it can not breathe. I will continue the same tile into the adjoining bedroom and bath as my project progresses.
    I have used virtually every type of flooring on the market, and Modutile is BY FAR the easiest to install.

  15. Easy DIY basement flooring

    I decided to write a review because of the existing reviews and sample tiles helped me make the decision to purchase these tiles. The price of the inter-locking tiles are comparable to actual floor tiles but they make it up in the ease of installation. All the tools that you would need for this job are a jig saw, a straight edge, pencil, a seven and eight year old :) Unless you have weird and odd shaped walls or rooms, it should go quickly. To save some work, I didn’t remove the existing base molding and just butted the tiles against it and used an acrylic caulk to give it a clean look. You can also use a quarter round molding too.


  16. Summer Cottage

    Our recently redone kitchen in our summer cottage using your tiles for our flooring, very easy to install – we love it, thanks Fowler

  17. Will definitely use again

    Great product at a fair price. Very simple to install. Looks great. Easiest thing I’ve ever installed. Its really so simple a child can do it.

  18. looks good Review by jim

    I am not disappointed with my decision to use this in my basement. It was easy to install and did not have to remove the old vinyl tiles that were on the floor. Improved the look of the entire room. One hint if you have cuts to make, have more than one extra blade for your jigsaw on hand. I would recommend these to anyone.

  19. awesome, easy to install product Review by wes

    i’ve purchased from these guys for my home improvement company several times in the past and have been thrilled every time. the ordering process had been a breeze. the product has arrived on time and orders have been accurate. the installation process has been quick, and most importantly, my customers have all been thrilled with the product. thanks guys!


    Purchased these Interlocking Floor Tiles and was very pleased on the quality of this product. The finished floor in the basement looks great and it was easy to work with. Thanks for such a great product!

  21. basement renovation by alcoral

    I needed a flooring that in case of any water in the basement I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting ruined. Modutile seemed to fit my needs. After reading the reviews and getting a sample, I decided to place my order. I consider myself handy enough to be a DIY’er (female) and install this myself. A mallet and a jigsaw will do the trick. If you have big dips in the floor or very uneven floors you will notice it even more after the tile is down. In a couple of areas I used 1/4 cement board to correct the issue and it worked out just fine. Careful sliding heavy furniture…it can lift up corners. The only negative I found was that the tile pattern is only a film glued on…not a one piece tile.

  22. Basement installation Review by Coribarb

    My basement rarely has any water but I was concerned about what to use on the floor that wouldn’t be ruined if there ever was any moisture. I found modutile and ordered a sample, read the reviews and decided this would be the best option. The tiles do go down easily with a mallet. I was able to do 750 sq ft in a few hours. There was one area in my basement that had an obvious dip in the original floor. Unfortunately after laying modutile over it, it was very apparent. I am now going to lift up some tile and put something under to get rid of the dip. (Too much bounce in that particular area) these tiles are durable but care is needed when moving furniture, the top of the tile is not colored throughout but merely a glued on thin top layer. This was my biggest disappointment. The top film can come off if not careful. Overall I am satisfied.

  23. Love it…… Review by Keith

    Remodeled a basement bedroom with the Clay Sandstone tiles. Love the look! Love how easy they were to install.

  24. AMAZING!!!! R

    These tiles are everything that everyone is saying about them. They’re wonderful. Great quality. Great price and so easy to lay that I gave them to my kids and in 1/2 hour they had the bedroom done. I would recommend these tiles to anyone. The bedroom looks GREAT!!!


  25. Excellent Tile / Easy Install Review by Gavin

    I was looking for flooring for my basement and needed something that could put up with moisture. We had a damp spot in a corner and some other small moisture type issues that carpet just wouldn’t do well with.

    We bought about 650 of these tiles and I was putting down nearly a tile (uncut) every 5 seconds. Cutting them with a jigsaw was a breeze too. I had to cut some tiles face up to see the where I needed to cut – so I used masking tape to prevent the vinyl from getting torn up and this worked well.

    We love the tiles and have had them down for a few months.

    My only concern/disappointment is that static buildup is fairly easy and quick, so I have to be careful what I touch. Needless to say, I won’t be building computers without an anti-static mat on this floor.

    All in all, I highly recommend these tiles!

  26. Basement floor review

    I have a basement that had berber carpet and a strange musty smell, and found that the previous owner had carpeted over a floor drain. I had planned on installing ceramic tile and having the drain exposed, until I found this product. It would have taken me plenty of time and effort to grind the paint off the floor, level it, lay the tile, then grout it. At first I thought this was a little pricey, until I figured in the time and rental of the machine I would need to level the concrete, and I wasn’t looking forward to how my back and knees would feel. either. This tile is such an incredible breeze to install, I think it took all of three hours to lay 300 sf. I had a very uneven floor, so there is a little bit of deflection here and there, a small price to pay for how incredibly nice this looks. I can also tell how much warmer the floor feels. This snaps together so easy, I just walked along and dropped it tile by tile and snapped it together with my foot. I would most definitely use this again,. Maybe I can talk the wife into letting me do the garage…


  27. Our Review

    My husband and I are very happy with your tiles! They were easy to cut and snap together! Also we really appreciate your superb customer service and courtesy when I called you.
    Thank you very much,
    Patty R.
    Lombard, IL, 60148

  28. Excellent product Review by Carolyn – Indiana, 47861

    I ordered 300 tile to begin with and started putting it down in our basement. It’s the easiest flooring I’ve ever installed and it looks really good. We decided to go ahead and do the rest of the basement so I’m ordering 600 more. We don’t think our basement is damp, just moved here but if it is no worries about flooring being ruined.

  29. Basement Floor remodelling – Drew R – Granville, NY 12832

    We were remodeling our basement and needed a flooring solution to deal with moisture issues. After researching many different options, we chose Modutile to cover 700 square feet, and hoped for the best. The floor went down easily, looks super, and allows air to circulate underneath it. Most important of all, my wife loves it! A worthwhile investment for sure as a good floor makes all the difference.

  30. Thank you very much

    Great selection at great prices. The staff is there to answer all your questions and have a good idea of what you want.


  31. This product is AWESOME!!!

    The floor tiles are beautiful and are an absolute must have for basements. We did the entire basement floor with clay stone and could not be more pleased!!! That said, the customer service for this product is A+++++ Jacquelyn K

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