Perforated Interlocking Patio Tiles (also for Decks)

Perforated Interlocking Patio Tiles (also for Decks)


(82 customer reviews)

Spruce up your deck or outdoor patio flooring using interlocking perforated floor tiles.

  • Interlocking Patio Tiles
  • Install over Concrete
  • Install over wood decks
  • Made in USA
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ModuTile perforated interlocking patio tiles can dramatically enhance your patio or deck area. They easily snap together to create a floating floor that can cover up your wooden or concrete patio floor. The tiles can solve many outdoor flooring issues such as stains, cracks peeling paint, or other imperfections quickly and easily.

Renovating your outdoor living area floor with our perforated patio tiles is so much easier than staining or repainting the flooring over and over. Once you install the tiles on your patio or deck floor, the area will look fresh, new, and refined. The perforated floor tiles also make the area less slippery, especially in damp or wet locations.

We offer multiple colors of patio tiles, all made in the USA. Different colors of patio floor tiles can be used together to create various patterns such as borders or checkerboard designs. Ramp edges are also available for the perimeter of the patio slab or deck.

Patio and Deck Perforated Tile Description

These perforated deck and patio floor tiles use a loop-to-peg interlocking system making them very easy to install. Most residential patios or decks can be covered within one day. The tiles feature a dual grid perforated (drain) design, so they tend to have a pleasant two-toned appearance when viewed at an angle.

The patio floor tiles are 12 x 12 x ½ inch and will allow water or other liquids to drain quickly. Additionally, the grid texture of the tiles makes them slip-resistant. Although the patios tiles can be installed in a variety of areas and weather conditions, they are best for homes that have snow, muddy areas, and constant contact with water.

Patio and Deck Perforated Tile Structure

ModuTile perforated tiles are made out of a specially formulated high-impact polypropylene (high-impact plastic) that will support heavy loads. It is a hard product, but it will conform to a slightly uneven surface.

Yes, the tiles can support the weight of your patio furniture and barbecue grill. However, we suggest that pinpoint objects are placed over a mat or furniture sliders to distribute the load and prevent potential discoloration from the stress of pinpoint weight.

The tiles provide a safe walking surface. The traction control feature makes them slip-resistant. Some people may find that the texture is uncomfortable when they walk across the floor with their bare feet. In addition, walking in stiletto or high/spiked heels on the perforated tiles can cause the tiles to be punctured or discolored.

The mesh design allows full air and water flow. We designed the tiles for use on your patio flooring or deck flooring, so they come with UV protection. The UV protection means that the tiles are suitable for use in direct or partial sunlight.

The most significant benefit of the grid structure is that it allows moisture to escape from underneath. It also provides a thermal barrier between the concrete underneath and the top surface.

DIY Patio Flooring Installation

Installation is as easy as snapping the tiles together like a children’s block set. The tiles interlock together with the loop-to-peg system. Just align pegs to the loops and press down with your hand or a small rubber mallet.

First, calculate the number of cases you need for your project. The calculation is usually is very simple because you only need to know the square footage of your patio or deck. Consider whether or not you will cut the tiles to go around any permanent structures or accommodate a uniquely shaped space.

If you need to cut the floor tiles to install them around any permanent structures, add about 6% to the square footage for the total number of tiles required. These additional tiles will cover the waste amount. If you need help with the calculation, you can contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

Next, prepare the area by removing foreign objects, dirt, and debris so that you are beginning with a clean concrete subfloor or deck floor so that the tiles will lay flat. These patio floor tiles require a flat subfloor (though some unevenness is okay).

Consider having a pair of gloves, knee pads, and a small rubber or mallet handy when installing the tiles to be more comfortable and make the process even easier.

Cutting the Perforated Tiles

If you need to cut the tiles, please use a jig-saw with a fine-tooth blade (plastic blade). When using an electric saw, use protective glasses and take any safety precautions recommended by the owner’s manual for the tools used.

You will notice small spaces between each tile to allow room for the tiles to expand and contract when the temperature varies. The tiles expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. For this reason, it is best to leave at least ½-inch of space between the tiles and walls or permanent structures.

NOTICE: Failure to leave adequate room for the tiles to expand with temperature changes may cause the tiles to buckle when the room becomes warmer.

Cleaning your Perforated Patio Tiles

The high-impact polymer is extremely difficult to stain, which makes the patio tiles a smart choice for a deck or patio. As needed, sweep the patio or deck flooring and wash with mild soap and water. Use a shop-vac to clean small debris easily.

Since any liquid spilled on the tiles will seep down to the floor below, you may occasionally remove all or a portion of the flooring to sweep and/or wash the underlying concrete or wood. Once you have done so, then you can re-install the floor tiles.

The color may fade slightly over the long run just like any other object in direct sunlight for an extended time. However, proper care of the tiles will lengthen the life of the tiles, and they will maintain their structural integrity.

Patio Floor Tile Questions

Install your next patio flooring project quickly and effortlessly with our Perforated Interlocking Patio Tiles. Buy them today! Just add them to the cart and proceed to the checkout page. Follow the link to learn more about ModuTile Deck and Patio Floor Tiles. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 713-663-6060 message us via our Contact Us page.

Additional information

Weight0.63 lbs



Gray, Black, White, Beige, Brown, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow


1 sq. ft. per tile


12" x 12" x 1/2"


Rigid – High-Impact Polypropylene

Surface Pattern

Mesh – Perforated w/ Anti-Slip Resistance

Installation Type

DIY (Do-it-yourself), Loop-to-peg Interlocking System, Floating Floor – Glue NOT required

Product Category

Deck & Patio



82 reviews for Perforated Interlocking Patio Tiles (also for Decks)

  1. Wonderful!-A. Chen

    We use these to improve our deck floor. There is no more need to sweep water after rain! It looks very nice! We enjoy these a lot!

  2. Eric M. Wheeling WV

    Great item, great price, fast shipping!

  3. Amazing tiles-Ana

    Absolutely love these tiles! My patio looks so much better and softer now! It took me some time to install them because I did the whole porch but everybody love it! It drains the rain water very good too and not messy

  4. Zen N.

    Is as it was described. Thank you

  5. Katy Phoenix, AZ

    Covered up my peeling paint on my patio floor! Worked great!

  6. Peter Vader

    The item arrived on time and was packaged well. Easy to assemble looks elegant and durable

  7. Extremely happy with this floor By villa

    i bought for my balcony and it looks amazing, im very glad i got it

  8. Karolyn Slader

    I am trying to keep saving to buy more they work really well. I love this. It snaps together easily and is very easy to clean and walk on. It is s great choice to cover an aging patio.

  9. Perfect grate cover!

    We have an elevated rear yard deck that is constructed of subway grating to allow light to windows below. The subway grating is tough on bare feet. These 12 x 12 interlocking pavers are a perfect layer over the subway grate. They still allow significant light through, but provide a softer bare foot experience and a less industrial, more residential feeling for the deck living space.

  10. What a difference!

    We bought these tiles to place over our wooden decking, which had been painted black and was constantly chipping. These are simply gorgeous and really pull everything together. It as very easy for my husband and me to do 400 square feet in a couple hours. I took one star off because the seams keep popping here and there, and we’re constantly going around stomping them down again. I’m hoping that this will stop when the weather warms up and they have had time to settle.

  11. Rick S.

    Great product and great service!

    We have a screened in patio that stays damp and slick for days after rain and during high humidity. Outdoor rugs just made it worse. Did some research on these interlocking mesh / perforated floor tiles. Received samples from what appeared to be the 3 biggest players. Went with Modutile primarily due to the hole sizes – we have lots of dogs and we didn’t want any toenail injuries.

    Amazingly fast delivery. 300 some pieces and not a single reject. I was a little concerned with the outside temperature when I chose to install them. It was in the 30’s and I was afraid the tiles might be brittle – but not at all. The installation was quick and easy. I couldn’t be happier with the appearance – looks fantastic. And … the damp / slick patio issue has been resolved!

  12. John Jarvis

    Excellent Received fast shipment very easy to install

  13. Jorge Danbury, Great! CT

    Great to have

  14. Joan F

    I love how easy the tile are to install, anyone can do it and they hold up well, no more painting my deck.

  15. was relatively easy to install By B McCartney

    We installed these on our upper screened in porch floor really dressed up the space, was relatively easy to install, and are remove able should 1 become damaged or should we decide to change it. Light weight and feels goodunderfoot!

  16. erincs11

    The tiles easily snap together and look great! I couldn’t figure it out at first but then I discovered they snapped in place just by stepping on them with my foot. Nice quality!

  17. robin_granger35

    Great product; very quick delivery!

  18. Great product!! By RENEE K.

    Works great on the deck. Hasn’t faded after a couple of years, allows water to drain thru, and has made shoveling show off of the deck a breeze. It looks great too!

  19. Convenient

    Product was easy to put down .

  20. Luis S Madrid

    i will highly recommend to my family and friends,easy to install

  21. Tile was of nice quality but the surface I wanted to place it …

    Tile was of nice quality but the surface I wanted to place it on was too uneven and the tiles are not very flexible. I had to return them

  22. Great! By Windtrix

    Very happy with these tiles. I am using them on my deck to protect surface from dogs and furniture. Color happens to be a exactly the same as deck. Easy to put together myself although I had to lay it out in advance to get the flat edges and join edges where I wanted them. The tiles are good quality and look very nice. I live in a very rainy climate so the fact that they drain well and are not slippery are big pluses.

  23. Love it! By Andrea

    Easy to install, durable and very nice looking on the deck! Getting more for the patio!

  24. Five Stars By BA

    Easy to put together. Feels good on bare feet, not rough or painful. Dirt/water falls through the lines.

  25. Cheap – although it appears durable By Kingofbytes

    I was looking for an inexpensive alternative to having to redo my deck which was 20 years old. I wanted a quick fix while I saved up the cash to do the deck. This was the cheapest option.

    My wife hated it. I just didn’t really like it although it’s very durable. That said, there are hundreds of little “nubs” on each tile – I wouldn’t let my toddler and infant crawl on it as it would have torn up their skin. It’s fine on adult feet.

    Also, there are hundreds of little holes in the tile presumable for water pass through. That said, they’re small and are easily clogged.

    For all of the above reasons, this isn’t a good tile although it is the least expensive out there.

  26. Easy to assemble (once you figure out HOW)! By eldeejay

    My application for this product was to floor an 8×12 foot greenhouse. The original “floor” of the greenhouse is gravel with an unsightly commercial grade fabric overlay (a weed barrier, but porous enough to allow water to drain through). I chose the perforated interlocking tiles product in order to hide the ugly weed barrier, but still allow for water to drain through to the gravel bed below the greenhouse. The product information states “Do not apply on grass or dirt surfaces”, which I suspect is do to concern that the semi-rigid tiles could not lay flat enough on an uneven surface. Since the floor of my greenhouse was COMPACTED gravel, the unevenness was minimal, but it did make installing the tiles a bit more difficult than it would have been on a perfectly flat, hard surface (like a concrete or wood patio/deck).

    The installation instructions (printed on the outside of the product box) were just “OK”. I struggled mightily (for probably close to an hour!) to get the first 20 or so tiles connected. The tabs did not seem to want to “snap” into place, even with repeated rubber mallet strikes. I was doing it incorrectly. I finally discovered a technique that made it a piece of cake. I placed an 18″ long 2×4 directly UNDER the “seam” that I was attempting to connect and, VOILA, the pieces “snapped” together with thumb-pressure alone! Then I would simply slide the 2×4 into position under the next seam to be interlocked, and so-on.

    The “key” to adding additional rows (where you have TWO perpendicular sides to interlock) is to carefully position the corner with adjacent UNLOOPED sides (don’t forget to first put the 2×4 underneath the seam) and then SIMULTANEOUSLY apply thumb pressure to the two tabs nearest the corner (one on each “side” of the 90 degree corner to be connected). Once those two corner tabs snap into place, you can proceed to easily snap-in the remaining three tabs on each side.

    Once I got the hang of it, I could assemble a “corner” tile (two sides needing to interlock) in less than a minute per tile. The rest of the job was a breeze, and went together quickly.

    It looks great, and I expect to get many years of service out of this flooring.

  27. Happy with By BBNJ

    We used to replace an indoor/outdoor carpet in our approx. 10 x 10 ft. screened-in porch or lanai (for you Floridians!). Ordered 4 boxes (3 – brown, 1 – beige). All arrived on schedule and in good condition. Used a jig saw for tiles that needed to be cut. Marked cut lines with a black marker and cut the bottom side of the tile to keep smooth lines on top. Went very well and took about 4 hours in total. My tips are to use the palms of your hand and press down (not your thumbs) to interlock the tiles to each other and be sure to measure each tile being cut individually and carefully as walls are never perfectly straight. So one tile against a wall might be cut 7 1/2″ and the very next tile might be 7 3/4″ for example. This will reduce waste and errors. Lastly be sure to leave a small gap where tile meets wall (1/8 -1/4 inch) so the floor tiles can expand with temperature changes.

  28. we just pulled them up today to place on a pretty rough deck and again the are spectacular By Sandcastle

    they have been almost 5 years,on uneven ground, summer and winter, snow , ice ,freezing temps ,heat,(new england)and they are the same as the day we put them down .. we just pulled them up today to place on a pretty rough deck and again the are spectacular,.cannot recommend these enough.

  29. 4.0 out of 5 stars I like the product but 8 of the tiles raise from …

    I like the product but 8 of the tiles raise from the heat of the sun and I don’t know why (out of 420 of them that we purchased).

  30. Goat barn floors By Elda

    I bought these to place on a wood slat floor in my goat barn because they were slipping on the slick wood. The tiles turned out to be harder and less flexible than I had hoped but they work well. I can just sweep them and the liquid goes through fine. I will buy more to do the other barns.

  31. Don’t step on with High Heels. By Kev

    Ease of installation and look great, however my mom stepped on one with her high heels and the heel broke through the tile. Also,they should provide some “finishing” tiles with three flat sides in each bundle to prevent from having to cut the loops off at the end of tile runs.

  32. Great for condo patio By Sunschroeder

    I needed decking for a condo balcony which had to pass water. These tiles were easy to install and look great!

  33. Easy to install and look nice. By Jacklyn

    My only complaint is the are not very nice to walk on in bare feet, which really surprised me. They are easy to install as they snap together. They are a bit harder to take apart if you change how you want to use them. They look very nice and made a unused ugly flat roof area into a nice looking deck. Still need to buy another box of them to complete the project. We have not had them long enough to comment on durability, but I think they should hold up well.

  34. Great product! Covered a patio concrete floor 13×25 ft By Retired

    Great product! Covered a patio concrete floor 13×25 ft. Floor is uneven in some places but the tiles conformed well. Very easy to put down, basically stepped on them. Clean well even when I have gotten grass clippings on it. Will last a long time. Shipping was incredible. I don’t normally do reviews, but this purchase deserves one.

  35. just like a previous reviewer By AnneH

    Installed these today to go under an inflatable spa, just like a previous reviewer. Went together well–as suggested by yet another reviewer you cannot assemble these on a soft surface like dirt grass or sand unless you put something solid underneath and use a rubber hammer to put them together.

  36. Great Tiles, Great Customer Service! By CORSA

    GREAT TILES! These tiles are a great product. They make any area look
    fantastic. Easy to install. More colors
    and style selection would be nice.
    Seller/Customer Service was a good experience. Their telephone number
    is listed on the item site. Contacted them twice and a customer service person answered right away. Answered my questions about shipping in which I decided to make
    the purchase. I have related this to friends Hopefully they will make
    a purchase from them. Lastly it would me a good idea to sell less than the 30 pack. I was 2 tiles short on my project. A selection of 10 tiles would be great for shortages and any future replacement needs.

  37. Awesome product! By Raymond A.

    Covered the 25-year-old cracked, split and splintered 2 x 6 floor deck. Went down like a dream. I did a lot of prep on the Old wood first. Planned all the cupped boards and leveled as best as possible. time will tell how it holds up, I wish they sold a quarter round to match color and material…

  38. Anthony Lunenburg, MA

    I have a 190 sq. ft. patio for a section of the pool. It was starting to rot due to the fact the previous owners covered the flooring with carpet. I needed a quick, easy and inexpensive way to cover the area without having to do a l to of prep work. This solution was very easy to install. Using a small rubber mallet, the entire project was complete in under two hours, including the cutting! I used the recommend jigsaw and the cutting was a breeze. I had a few extra tiles, so I cut them to fit on the steps going down from the main porch to the pool patio. Walking on the new floor, even in bare feet, was a pleasure. Easy to clean with a broom or with the hose.

  39. Durable and Easy to Put Together By TLSmith

    These are great for our dogs to walk on to help get the dirt off their feet before they get in the door. We have had them in full sunlight for a few months and they have not faded. Very easy to put together.

  40. Interlocking tiles to cover old concrete By Anna

    Don’t normally write review but decided to share as So far we love it. Its been few weeks. Lots of rain. Moderate walking on new floors, but evrything is in place securely locked. Was able to sweep 🍁 and clean easily. Color is ideal for small backyard patio. I gave 4 stars only because in my situation with lots of blooming neighbors trees, little white flowers petals stick inside small holes in tiles and im concerned that dirt will accumulate underneath in a while. Hope will be able to powerwash though. My dogs love it too. Much less dirt on their paws and in the house floors. Was super easy to lay down on even flat surface. Did it myself over weekend ( couple hours each day).

  41. James R

    easy to cut to size,sometimes little pieces get stuck in grooves

  42. Excellent Product By scott l.

    These tiles are extremely easy to install! All you need is a rubber hammer. You can step on them to lock, but the bending is very tiring. From inspection of the quality of these tiles, I rated durability as 5, even though the tiles have only been on the patio for about 2 weeks.

  43. Christopher

    Love this product for redoing my patio deck. This product is so easy to use and IT LOOKS AMAZING!!

  44. Michelle Westfield, NY

    Not what i expected but they are very well made.

  45. Great product for flooring

    I used this item over an existing wood deck that the paint had chipped off. It covers it great and stays in place. I just ordered 5 more boxes so I can cover my entire deck. It has a great look, and is not slippery wet or dry.

  46. Calidad By Orlando

    Color facilidad para instalar

  47. These tiles are amazing. Anne MA

    Put them around the pool so grandchildren don’t run and slip. Stood in the pool to put them togeter so didn’t have to worry about pressure on my arthritic knees. I am a 67 year old woman and food this project a breeze! Amazingly easy to attach the tiles and just as easy to disassemble if I made a mistake. They make the pool deck look phenomenal!

  48. Perfect for My Purposes By Monique

    Nice quality product, easy installation. I placed them over a layer of sand on the ground to create a base for an inflatable hot tub, seems to be perfect for the intended use.

  49. Like these …TTOMM

    Worked nicely to create a walking area from the pool to the patio. Fairly easy to trim using a dual cutter and they stay snapped together even after a couple months of use.

  50. crafton47

    these deck tiles are great and did the job for me easy to install

  51. Cornelia Kingwood, TX

    Loved the purchase. In fact I’m buying more for my mother-in-laws place. Easy to put together and a finished clean look

  52. Very happy with it. By az

    Put it outside on my deck (on the top of wood decking). Works fine. I use blower to keep it clean. I have deck furniture on it – no problem. Not slippery.Looks nice. Easy to install.

  53. Stephanie Washington, MO

    Used this in our basement that gets damp occasionally. Put carpet squares on top and love it! Easy to install!

  54. Totiana Orlando, FL

    Well came on separate days, so shipping was odd, but useful and light weight. Also price was very reasonable.

  55. Brenda Margate City, NJ

    The service was quick, easy to track.

  56. Erica Bronx, NY

    Perfect for my balcony. Very easy to interlock. Great quality outdoor tiles.

  57. Joy from Farmington, IL

    We purchased these tiles in late May to cover our deck after the paint has begun to peel. We love the look and feel. We placed it on our large pool deck which is in direct sunlight all day. What we did not expect was the amount of expansion with the heat. Nearly 1/2 inch. We had to go back around and make adjustments for the expansion as it was up against the railings and was ‘bubbling’. But it is holding up to the sunlight and heat just fine! It stays cool enough to walk on barefoot. The color is not fading. They are staying put and not moving around with foot traffic. The pet toenails do not catch in the small spaces. [This was a concern] The only wish that we have is that it had more assessories to finish the edges. Like those that are along the stair steps. Trimming them to size is not difficult..just followed the directions. A rubber mallet works great to snap them together. We hope that these will last many years!

  58. Deck project went well Review by Chris. – Vienna, Virginia, 22180

    We were looking for something simple to dress up our carport, which we use in the summertime as extra outdoor seating out of the sun or the rain. The modutiles were a fantastic solution. Ordering was simple and installation was a snap. So easy, my kids and I finished it in under an hour, while the wife was out. Perfect Mother’s Day surprise!”

  59. Sturdy and easy to install – Reveiwed by Josh – Tampa,FL

    These tiles are exactly what i expected, easy to assemble and great addition on our backyard patio. They are easy to install but rubber hammer helps a lot . Overall It was a great purchase.

  60. ModuTile difference by Joseph

    I placed this order on Monday afternoon and made a mistake on the color. They took care of it immediately, my tiles were shipped on Tuesday and I received them today, Wednesday.

    Excellent service! I will highly recommend ModuTile to my friends.


  61. Amazing!!! Review by Pdean

    The tiles were well received and the floor came out amazing!!! Thank you!!


  62. Deck and Patio tile Green Review by Belinda

    The deck looks beautiful and it was very easy to apply! We are waiting for a rain storm to see if it dries quickly. For now, thank you Modutile we are very happy with this purchase.

  63. Barry’s Review by Barry-Pennsylvania, 17055

    Thank you for the quick response, and also for the excellent product that I have bought from your company. My wife loves the new look and feel of our patio. I will keep your company in mind if I have another project to do.

  64. Love this decking! Elizabeth

    I pulled up my old wooden 12×12 deck and installed. I chose the tan/beige color for my deck. It was a cinch to install and looks fabulous. The deck looks much larger and brighter. Love it!!

  65. The difference on my deck – Donald B. – Spring Hill, Tennessee, 37174

    Just a few pictures of my finished deck with Modutile. So far product appears good and was very easy to install. Made a huge difference in the look and feel of my deck.
    Don B.

  66. Just Finished Off Our Back Porch! Review by Eddy

    Searched online for a product that would be EASY, TOUGH and CLEAN looking to install over our Wood Deck. Plus it can keep out the mosquitoes from coming up through the deck cracks.
    This Modular Flooring was/is PERFECT!!

  67. Goat barn floors Review by Elda

    I bought these to place on a wood slat floor in my goat barn because they were slipping on the slick wood. The tiles turned out to be harder and less flexible than I had hoped but they work well. I can just sweep them and the liquid goes through fine. I will buy more to do the other barns.

  68. Good look for a deck or patio. Richard F.

    Fast delivery and goes down fast and easy. Take a look and I had not done the trim work yet. Trim to fit was simple and fast. Wife is very pleased.

  69. Awesome product and people are great to do business with! Review by Michael in NE Georgia

    Bought the Perforated Brown Modular Floor Tiles to use on our log cabin’s covered porch. They look perfect and we get compliments all the time. I purchased the tiles in Sept. 2014 and installed them the same month. Waited til May 2015 to write this review. Wanted to see how the tiles performed thru the fall-winter-spring seasons. They worked flawlessly. These tiles are the perfect remedy for any outdoor deck or porch, you install them and never have to worry about your deck or porch flooring upkeep again!!!

  70. Used this in the basement now on our screened in porch , Carolyn

    I have the other type of modutile in the basement, put them down 2 years ago. I was looking for something for my screened in porch and saw the perforated tile. I got the brown and it goes with the stained wood and looks beautiful. It’s something a woman can easily install. I still need to cut one row to finish and will this week.

    My husband thinks it looks so nice I’m ordering the green for our front porch. There are some cracks in the concrete porch floor this will camouflage and add very nice detail to our home. I’m even thinking of doing our garage floor later. You can’t go wrong with this product. I bought a plastic hammer to tap them into place and it works great. Can do a large area in a couple of hours.

    from Merom, Indiana

  71. Perfect for our terrace Review by Nethany M. Clifton NJ

    To begin, i would like to say I have found the best price covering from Modutile. The best part was getting a free shipping to my door step.

  72. No mold problem at all Review by RObertL-Hawaii Lani

    I use them on my home in Hawaii Lani which I also vacation rent. I get about 80 inches of rain a year most at night or very early morning. My Lani is a second story deck: it breaths well and never had had a mold problem.

  73. great service and a wonderful product! Den Z.

    The Tile Came last Friday and I Laid it on Monday the transformation is Unbelievable and it went down perfectly!

    I need to order the trim pieces and a a few extras that I would like to have on hand. I will do that next pay period.

    Thanks for great service and a wonderful product!

    Den Z.
    visual artist
    Center Line, Michigan, 48015

  74. My deck floor review , Bennett D.

    My original purpose for this permeable tile was to put it on an upper deck to trap leaves, sticks and other debris from dropping between the deck boards and clogging the under-deck water diversion system installed underneath. The under-deck water diversion system below became so clogged with leaves that it no longer worked. The tile on the upper deck solves this problem since the holes in the tiles are too small to allow leaves to go though, but still allow the water to drain. It’s easy to just sweep off the debris that collects on the upper deck from the nearby tree. I did the upper deck with all tan tiles and liked it so much, I decided to tile the lower deck.

    For the lower deck, I wanted a colorful pattern, and had some fun designing one. I think the tiles on both upper and lower deck make the space much more functional and attractive than before, especially on the lower deck.

    You can use this for a review if you like. But these photos attached were snapped with my cell phone after I finished the job, and they are not good photos. I have been planning to take better photos, but I haven’t had a chance to do that yet. If you want to use these, then go ahead, but they are not good resolution. When the weather improves and I get a chance to take nicer photos, I will do that and write a better review.

    Thank you

    Huntsville, Alabama, 35806

  75. Happy Customer Review by J. McKelvy – Mount Vernon, IL, 62864

    After painting our 30 year old deck annually for the past several years, my husband and I decided to try your product, and we are very glad we did. It has exceeded our expectations. The tiles were easy to cut and install. I am retired and installed 350 sqf in an afternoon. Thanks for a great product and excellent customer service.

    J. McKelvy

  76. Great Price and Free shipping – Sammy – Indian Land, SC, 29707

    Thank you, good product and easy to install, all 13 boxes arrived safely and installed.

  77. Excellent!! Butch from Mesa, Az

    Service was great, delivery was quick, Support was very helpful.
    Product was put over wood deck. It transformed a wood deck to a first class seating area. Have had many excellent comments on the appearance; ie: “looks like a professional job.”
    It was easy to install and easy to fit around rail posts. Highly Recommended !!!

  78. High value product Review by mmk

    Installs easy. Had grandson put together pattern while I snapped together on the floor. Very good product. Likely to expand my usage of it. Lots of applications around the home.

  79. Great Product.- Jeffrey S.

    I used 6 cases of beige and very happy with quality of this product. Already Recommended family and friends.

  80. We liked the product alot , Roy C._Mesa,AZ

    It is very effected and looking great.Wife and I put it on together,we enjoyed putting it down.

  81. Nicer than concrete – Douglas

    Will send you a picture when I get it all finished, not anything unusual but it sure looks a lot nicer than concrete, and easy to install.

  82. Our Deck looks great ! Southern Lady

    We purchased so many of beige colors after seeing our next door neighbors deck. i can recommend this product to anyone. great price,great service and most important made in the US of A.

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